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Old Business Objects Data Services (BODS) Posts in SCN

A solution for scheduling BODS jobs sequentially and conditionally is described in one of my earlier blogs in SCN  ( /) . This was valid for version BODS 4.1 and older. It may be valid even now but as I no longer work with BODS I cannot comment. A post explaining combination of BODS repositories to be setup in a project is published in SCN. Link is here  ( ) . This was valid for BODS 4.1.  It may be valid even now but as I no longer work with BODS I cannot comment.

Why KABI was created?

Context Our primary goal was to build a BI solution for our division from scratch. A totally greenfield project. We also had some additional responsibilities such as; Support unavoidable high priority ad hoc report requests from various teams Support existing OLTP production reports including handling incidents  Support non-report incidents from time to time Production data analysis  Responding to RFIs/RFPs Third party BI supplier coordination All that we had in place was a set of requirements that I had created before the team was formed based on analysis of existing reports, analysis of previous and on-going report requests, understanding source systems and data and envisaging what could be provided to management and customers based on previous experience and feedback collected from stakeholders. Almost all of the development teams in the organization were working using agile process and scrum was the chosen methodology. Naturally, when we started forming a new tea

KABI - The new Agile Methodology for BI Projects - Implement BI projects quicker happily

KABI is a new agile software development methodology useful for achieving quicker implementation of Business Intelligence (BI) solutions. The methods defined in KABI can also be used in full or in part for any other non BI projects that share similar characteristics as BI development projects.  The word KABI is created by combining "KA" from KA nban and "BI" from B usiness I ntelligence. KABI is a lightweight, iterative, continuous feedback based agile software development methodology that enables every team member to work to their full potential even when there are several unknowns, resource constraints, dependencies and unpredictability of work load. Thereby KABI ensures optimal team productivity throughout the project duration. At the heart of KABI is " Peer Inspiration ".  Every team member plays an important role and every team member works in an exemplary way. They do their part of the job so well that it inspires the whole team. " Mutual

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