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I am Anoop Kumar V K, author of this BI blog. I am a Business Intelligence professional and entrepreneur with PublicBI and Reportpedia experiments. I am currently building a platform-based service in Data/BI/Analytics. Since 2017 I have been working at nights, holidays and weekends on my own business initiatives. Now I believe I am ready to take my learning to the next stage, investing time and energy to try out my business experiments and help improve businesses by building cost-effective solutions.

Experience summary :
Business Intelligence professional with over 35K hours (equivalent of 17+ years) of rich experience in implementing & leading several end-to-end business intelligence (data warehousing, analytics, data solutions) projects across various sectors for organizations based in Australia, Germany, the UK and the US in various roles.
  • Creator of IBI, Agile KABIPublicBI BIKON  and among others.
  • Envisioned Public Data Warehouse and PublicBI Solution.
  • Highly passionate about data, BI and solutions.
  • 2nd prize winner in EUDatathon2018, Brussels.
  • Speaker at EU DataViz 2019, Luxembourg.
  • Invited to present PublicBI EUProc solution at ESWG meeting, European Commission at Brussels. 
  • Invited to present PublicBI EUProc solution at Publication Office of the European Union, Luxembourg
  • BI blogger at Non-BI blogging at
  • At one point I was actively answering BI questions on Quora, see Anoop Kumar V K in Quora.
Sectors : Payments, EU Public Procurement, Energy Trading, Fleet Management, Retail, CPG & Gas Upstream.
  • 5.5 Years at Wirecard, Munich and 8.5 Years at Infosys at various locations.
  • Proven track record of recruiting and building high-performance BI/Analytics teams
  • Leading and managing both co-located and offshore based BI teams. Lead by example. 
  • Business & result oriented person with sound technical knowledge.
  • Played various BI roles. 
  • Expertise in Product Management / Ownership, Business Analysis, Project Management, Data Analysis, Data Governance, leading teams and departments.
  • Recipient of several awards for excellence at work.
  • Ability to grasp big picture quickly and be in the details when required.
  • Recognized for setting up effective processes.
  • Have an eye for useful & important topics, and a mind that gets highly creative from time to time.
  • Innovative, highly proactive & organized.
  • Experienced in mentoring & leading teams and leaders.
  • Continuous learner, I like challenging the status quo & working on continuous self-improvement.
  • Business improvement & positive change oriented with very sound DWBI skills.
  • Hands-on on several front-end and back-end BI tools including ETL tools, Data Modeling tools, Analytics Platforms, Data Visualization tools, etc. 
BI Expertise
  • Building, leading and managing BI teams / departments
  • Business analysis and product ownership
  • Envisaging dashboards, KPIs and metrics
  • Solution design and architecture
  • Working in in-house team and as an external
  • Data warehousing 
  • BI tools research
  • Data modeling (especially Dimensional modeling)
  • Data profiling
  • Data cleansing
  • Data visualization
  • ETL jobs development (both with ETL tools and scripting)
  • Project management
  • Both on-premises and cloud-based solutions
Some of the BI tools I have hands-on experience are listed

ETL Tools
  • Datastage
  • Ab Initio 
  • BODS
Data VisualizationReporting and Analytics platforms
  • Business Objects (BO)
  • Microstrategy (both EE and Desktop)
  • Google Data Studio 
  • MS Excel
  • Google Sheets
  • Tableau
  • Power BI
  • IBM Watson Analytics
  • Google Big Query
  • Oracle
  • SQL Server
  • My SQL
  • DB2
  • Python
I am more than happy to connect with people. Connect with me on Linkedin.
I will try my best to answer your generic BI questions through the blog ASAP. 

Note : All views expressed by me in this blog are my own and not associated with any of my employers, clients, etc. 


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