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Results of Data Analysis after 1 Year of IBI

It's 1 year now (exactly 370 days) that I started using Individual Business Intelligence (IBI), I started it on 19th February 2017. I wanted a memorable day to start capturing data after publishing the article about IBI on 5th February 2017. As my mom's birthday is on 19th Feb I decided to start capturing data about myself from 19th Feb 2017 onwards.  Today I have analyzed the data that I have captured about myself for dates starting from 19th Feb 2017 till yesterday (24th Feb 2018), and below are the glimpses of the results. My journey from "not knowing" to "Knowing" has started.  My only intention to publish this information is to create awareness about the possibilities that open up when we capture our own data. I would like people to capture their own data for their  own benefit.  This year has been one of its kind. No, I haven't achieved anything, no success stories to brag on, but I have put my effort in a way I have never ever done in

Everyone is talking about Big Data and Artificial Intelligence

Everyone is talking about big data, I would like to talk about your data. Everyone is talking about artificial intelligence, I would like to talk about Individual Business Intelligence .  There is so much focus on big data and artificial intelligence these days. People are not thinking about their own data. How many of us actually know that we can improve as an individual using our own data? How many of us consciously collect our own data? We want the machines to be smart, so  we feed it with data to learn from data (machine learning), the more good data it gets, the better it becomes, why are we not applying the same principle on our minds? Shouldn't we feed our minds with as much good data as possible so that it can learn from data? Give it a thought. Give IBI a try. Try it for 41 days and see the changes for yourself. 

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