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Business Intelligence Tools

Did you ever want a full list of up-to-date business intelligence tools? I wanted that, but I couldn't find one central place on the web that lists all (or at the least most) of the business intelligence (BI) tools. Most of the sites either focus on one aspect of BI or are partial or list only popular tools or are biased. So I decided to create one central place where all of the BI tools can be listed alphabetically without any bias. This page is now added to the PublicDW project space. This is still work in progress but I think this is a good start, and with help of the community members in the future we should be able to keep this page up-to-date so that everyone benefits. Link is here Business Intelligence Tools . Currently it looks like this (below image), But please check the Business Intelligence Tools for up-to-date list and important notes.

DWH Development related Survey results

Please find below the results of DWH development related survey carried out between Dec 2016 till May 2017. Thanks to all those DWBI professionals who took part in this survey. Unfortunately we do not have many responses, We have only 48 responses even after extending the survey till May 2017 ( it was supposed to end in Jan 2017). Survey Results Survey results summary Total of 48 responses (including 1 own response) Agile is the preferred methodology of development Kimball approach (Bottom up) preferred over Inmon  approach (Top Down) Star Schema preferred over Snow flake Again thanks to all those DWBI professionals who took part in this survey. Currently open survey -   Best Version Control System for Data Warehouse Projects

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