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Idea for new year resolution - IBI

In case anyone is looking for an idea for new year's resolution, I would like to suggest IBI (Individual Business Intelligence). You probably have tried to know yourself socially, religiously, spiritually, etc., and probably failed. Give a try to know yourself better factually with IBI.  For the past 313 days I have spent around 5 to 7 minutes every single day to capture data (quantitative and qualitative) about me, range of data points (dreams, ideas, movie time, work hours, family time, health, etc.) that I think are important to me.  Have I made lot of money with this? No, in fact I make 40% less money than I used to make after I switched to part-time work.  If money is the only thing that drives you, this won't make much sense.  I have this feeling that everything is connected but we don't see the connections, the deeper we go, the more connections we will see.  I don't want to bore you with my personal data, but at the same time I want to create awaren

Business Intelligence Jobs, skills and tools analysis report

Independent, unsponsored and unbiased exploration and analysis of current trends in business intelligence jobs, skills and tools in demand based on reliable, verifiable and real BI job requirements. Several days of hard work (with passion, without obligation and hence very joyful), and lots of learning in the process. And business intelligence jobs, skills and tools analysis report published today. Full report available on Reportpedia   for free download.  Happy holidays and happy reading.

KABI webinar invite

Agile software development team? bored of stand-ups? do you feel stand-up has become more of an attendance marker? Give DDAS (Daily demo and sync-up) a try, see  KABI for details.  First public KABI introductory webinar on 14th December 3 PM CET,  if interested join online meeting at, no registration required.

Best Report Contest - Looking for Data or BI enthusiasts

Reportpedia requires 2 more volunteer data or BI enthusiasts to be part of the best report selection committee to carry out totally unbiased review and selection in the first of its kind report contest Contact me if you are interested or share with people who you think would do justice to this role. Participants cannot be in the committee in the month they are participating.

Best Report Contest

Reportpedia has launched first of its kind contest, a series of monthly best report contest starting from Dec 2017. Every month there will be a winner (best report of the month) who will get recognized, win prizes including cash prizes. Also, a chance to win the mega prize Best Report of the Year.  For more details check out the Best Report Contest page. Analyze publicly available data, share information and insights with worldwide audience, help someone out there get curios about a topic or force them to think. Get recognition, win prizes and enter winners' photo gallery.

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