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A $100 Million Company without BI?

Do you know of a company in this generation, from any part of the world, that has annual revenue of 100+ million US dollars and growing and doesn't use business intelligence / business analytics / data science at all? If yes, please do let me know. I have a few questions that I would like to ask as part of a research. To be very clear, I am looking for an active company that fulfills below criteria : Yearly revenue of 100+ million US dollars Doesn't have BI / Analytics / Data science teams Doesn't have data warehouses, data lakes, data marts, etc Doesn't use any SaaS or other cloud variants of BI / Analytics solutions Doesn't use any app analytics, web analytics, etc, basically doesn't use data for analytical purposes at all. 

Publication Office of the EU shares my Corona Virus Analytics Dashboard

Thanks to the Publication Office of the European Union for sharing my Corona Virus (COVID-19) Analytics Dashboard  on their website ( ). In these difficult times all that some of us can do is to create as much awareness as possible and provide good quality information so that people understand the seriousness of the issue we have.  In this way we try our best to reduce the number of people getting infected and thereby saving a few lives at the least. 

Corana Virus Analytics with prediction

In continuation to my previous post on Analytics using Corona Virus data, I managed to come up with a chart that shows prediction for next 30 days and will be auto updated based on new trends. The predicted numbers look very bad, I wasn't sure if I should share it or not, decided to share it with a thought that it is better to share it, create awareness and prove the prediction wrong than not share it and then later find out that the prediction was right. Now in total there are 5 pages (a pdf version is attached below) in the dashboard. For the interactive dashboard continue using the same link as in the previous post.

Corona Virus Analytics

This is an interactive dashboard that can be used to find trends, patterns and eventually insights related to COVID-19 (Corona Virus) from a reliable data source. Additional notes provided below the dashboard. Direct link to the Google Data Studio Dashboard is here - Best viewed on desktop/laptop Notes : This is an interactive dashboard that can be used to find trends, patterns and eventually insights related to COVID-19 (Corona Virus) You can use the filters on the top or click on the charts to filter. Feel free to embed the dashboard in your websites (of course for non commercial use). Currently dashboard doesn’t have real-time information. There is a delay of about 24 hours as the data is mainly sourced from ( 2019 Novel Coronavirus COVID-19 (2019-nCoV) Data Repository by Johns Hopkins CSSE). For some o

Data Science questions

I would like to know the answers for these below listed questions. I would be happy to get answers from as many organizations as possible to understand how it works in various organizations. It would be good to share it here in comments so that everyone can benefit. Who ensures that the data scientist has chosen all the required data fields (features) that are required? For example, for a customer churn prediction, let's assume that the data scientist didn't consider one of the data sources (call center data), who is going to ensure that data scientist considers call center data too? If the data (for example in this case call center data) is not available in the data lake/data warehouse or any of the other databases other than OLTP DBs will the data scientist fetch the data from OLTP systems or will they just raise request to the data engineering team to bring the data to data lake/DWH? Who actually tests the code written by a data scientist? Who verifies that

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