BI Architect course and BI Tool question

Received two questions, 1 through LinkedIn and other through blogger.
Sharing details of Q&A here for the benefit of wider audience.

Question 1: I want to start with a career in BI, and I am planning to get trained in it. The institute covers MSSQL, Power BI, MSBI, Tableau desktop 10, Informatica developer and admin, Azure data factory, SQL DBA, QLIK sense, Data warehousing. Is this all that is needed?

Reply: Regarding getting into BI, the best way is to get into a team where you can learn from experienced people in the team. Regarding courses, just based on the list, that's quite a lot for a training, but it depends on what exactly is provided as part of the training. Need more details about the training.

Then once the link was provided, I had a check and provided below reply. Note - Link or institute name is not shared here intentionally to avoid any confusion that I am promoting any institutes. 

Reply: I have had a look into the link, as a course for a beginner it looks good for the price (1000$). As I haven't done the course myself and I don't know exactly what the participant will go through I have to go based on what is written on the site. There are some points to note, AFAIK no one becomes an architect in BI with only a course, people start as a developer and then after completing several real projects and years of experience they go on to become architects. So this course even though named architect I wouldn't say that you will get hired as a BI architect. Also I would suggest you to contact them and ask them to give a reference of someone who has completed this course who was of similar profile as yours and contact that person to find out how this course has helped them.

Question 2: I'm currently studying Engineering in India and I have a doubt as to which BI tool should I master in particular to get a job. 

Reply: In general it is difficult to say which BI tool to master to get a job. Please have a look at this report - and go through the full pdf file in that so that you get a better understanding. You can select any of the tools and learn the concepts, you will be able to apply those concepts using other tools. In case of hiring, we do hire people who are skilled in equivalent tools when we don't find people experienced in the same tools that we use. So one ETL tool (e.g. Informatica, DataStage, Talend, Pentaho DI, etc.), SQL, one database (Oracle, SQL server, BigQuery, etc.), and one reporting and analytics platform (Microstrategy, BO, Cognos, etc.), and tools such as Power BI and Tableau are also in very much demand, so would be good to pick up one of those,  and good understanding of data warehousing, data modelling, etc., will be useful. 

Side note for future questions: It may take a few days or weeks to provide you the answer, and I will  provide it via blog posts directly so that it benefits wider audience.


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