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IBI New Template - Excel Version

Hi everyone, The latest Excel template for IBI (Individual BI) is published.  Again, as usual this is a generic template which if you like to use you should customize to suit your needs.  The generic template is here - it has dates up to year 2030. It can be easily extended beyond 2030. To download, once you click on the above link, please click on the top right corner download button. To give you an idea of how to customize and use please see below a customized template that I created for my 11-year old nephew.   . And here you can find the customized template that I created for my 6-year old son  . All the best for those who are starting their IBI journey from 1st Jan 2020. IBI - Discover yourself factually. Update:  How to easily capture the data was already demonstra

Machine Learning with a simple example

Are you one among those who feels that everyone is talking about machine learning but no one seems to provide a simple example to easily understand it, if yes, this short video should help. And yes, you don't have to be a data scientist to use machine learning.

Discover yourself factually with IBI

Latest 2 minutes video on IBI provided below

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