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IndividualBI New Templates and Video

IBI Templates The IndividualBI or IBI Template has been updated recently, I have now included 3 new sheets in the template, the 3 new sheets are "Pivot Table", "Charts" and "Max and Min" sheets. For those who are not familiar with analyzing data, creating pivot tables, creating charts etc these sheets should help to get you started with analyzing and visualizing your data. Also, additionally I have now made two versions of the template, Google Sheet version and MS Excel version. I hope this helps a lot of people.  Google Sheet version can be downloaded from here : Individual BI Google Sheet Version Excel version can be downloaded from here :  IndividualBI Excel Version  I have tried to ensure that there are no errors in the formula, calculations etc, however as no one else has reviewed it there are chances that there are some mistakes/errors. If you find any errors please bring it to my notice and I will try to correct

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