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Discover yourself factually with Individual Business Intelligence (IBI) - BI for Everyone

Companies like Facebook, Google and Amazon are trying very very hard to accumulate data about you at every touchpoint, with this accumulated data they want to know more about you, so that, in short, they can sell more to you and the circle you influence. Yes, there is nothing wrong in that, it's their business and they want to improve their business by providing better services and better products. These successful and popular companies and many other companies have realized quite some time back that data is the new gold/new oil/new money, i.e. d ata is an asset. In contrast, have you as an individual ever imagined about you consciously accumulating data about yourself? data related to your physical/mental/emotional statuses, your activities, your life experiences and events in your life? Have you considered your own accumulated data as an asset to you and to your children?  Why accumulate data? But why should you consciously accumulate data about yourself and why should y

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