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1000 days of Individual BI

For those who have been following my IBI (Individual Business Intelligence or Individual BI) journey I am very happy to announce that I have completed more than 1000 days of data capture. On 15th November, 2019 I completed 1000 days. I had started capturing data from 19th Feb 2017. Based on the analysis of own data I have found some interesting patterns, learnt a lot about myself, stopped myself from doing the same mistakes again, noticed changes in patterns, etc. The benefits that I get from Individual BI are way too many. And therefore I will definitely continue IBI as long as I am able to do it. I will be happy to conduct a session based on demand. Let me know. Some of the charts are provided below to give you an idea of the possibilities with own data captured in a structured way consciously. Gaps in the above chart are because there was no weighing scale on those days or weight was not measured on those days. 

Before and Beyond Data Visualization

Presenting at EU DataViz 2019, Luxembourg on 12th November was such an honour. Thanks to the Publication Office of the European Union for the opportunity. It was a great experience both in listening to other inspiring speakers and also to present the topic of "Before and beyond data visualization". In my talk, I used two examples; Individual Business Intelligence (Individual BI or IBI) and PublicBI EUProc solutions to talk about before and beyond data visualization sections respectively. It was interesting to note that there were many people who were interested in the IBI example than I had expected, and some also had questions about data security. If any organizations (companies, colleges, etc,) would like me to present the topic of Individual BI at their premises I will be more than happy to do that.  My slides are attached below, if there are problems with the pages below, use this link -

Value of data

On 15th of November, 2019 I completed 1000 days of Individual Business Intelligence (Individual BI or IBI).  Everybody says data is an asset. I say, the data I have about myself is priceless. But, I was just wondering  if I were to estimate the price of the data I have collected over last 1000+ days, how much would it be worth? I have 104 data points (ideas, mistakes, dreams, health, work, happy days, etc.) captured for over 1000 days. Let's consider 1 EUR per data point.  So 104000 EUR Time spent in filling IBI data capture sheet everyday until now (1014 days) = 110.8 hours So around 11000 EUR (assuming 100 EUR per hour) Time spent in analyzing data until now (1014) = 76.5 hours So around 7600 EUR  So in total it is minimum worth 104K+ 11K+ 7.6K = 122600 EUR Would I sell my data? I don't think so. Would I share my data for a good cause? May be some of it.  I think if data is an asset, then we should also put a

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