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Public Data Warehouse

Vision Build Public Data Warehouse, i.e. world's best and biggest data warehouse to serve general public throughout the world. Details Public Data Warehouse (PublicDW) Public Data Warehouse, a data warehouse built by PublicDW community and used by users across the world. I believe, PublicDW has the potential to become the world's best and biggest data warehouse. Biggest because PublicDW will not be limited by data stored in it by products/subject areas/departments /enterprises/organizations and it will not be limited to use by any specific group but be available for general public across the world. And it is one of the biggest challenges. Best because it will be developed with the best practices, best technologies and best tools and methods.  Currently, there is no data warehouse that a global community can build and users around the world can use. AFAIK and based on my quick search this will be the very first attempt to achieve something like this. Data w

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