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In-house BI Teams - Part 1 : Why you should consider joining an In-house BI team?

Are you tired of working as an external and researching for reasons to switch to an in-house BI team? Or are you in a situation where you have to choose between an IT consulting/services company position and an in-house BI team position for the next step in your career? Or just curious to know how it is to work in an in-house BI team? Irrespective of the reasons, I hope that the content in this part 1 of the in-house BI teams multi-part article provides you a well-rounded perspective about the topic and probably even triggers your interest to be a part of it. As there are various definitions for BI and confusions around it, it’s important that we clearly state what we mean by BI to ensure we are all on the same page before we start comparing how it is to work in an in-house BI team vs as an external. Business Intelligence In simple words BI (Business Intelligence) is all about deriving information and insight from data efficiently at scale to enable fact-based decision making in

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