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Looking at Data is also an art

Looking at Data is also an art  posted in Linkedin. For some of us, when we look at a painting we cannot appreciate it, we cannot connect to it, we just ignore it and move on. And for some of us, we like its appearance, its colour, composition, frame, presentation and the image that it creates in our minds, we like it, we may appreciate the person who has created it, we may even share it, but it ends there. And then there are those very few people, who can passionately spend hours looking at the same painting, that we glanced for a second or so, and are able to decipher the hidden story behind the painting, discover multiple stories looking at it from various points of view, appreciate the finer details, get motivated and inspired by it, learn from it and use the learning to improve whatever they are doing. What and how much we comprehend from a painting depends on our experience and the way we look at it . From my point of view this is exactly the same story when we look at data .

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