How much does Business Intelligence cost?

This question has been asked several times in various forums and the standard answer from most of the respondents are "It depends". 

I thought I will go a little further and help those who would like to get a rough idea about how much it costs to implement a typical Business Intelligence solution. From my estimation for a typical BI system it can cost anywhere between 2 million euros to 5 million euros for a 5 year period. You can definitely have a BI system built for less than 2 million euros or for more than 5 million euros depending on your requirements, location, tool selection, timelines, support level, high availability expertise of the team etc. 

Obviously no one can provide an estimate without knowing the requirements so the best I can offer is to provide an estimation template to estimate the cost of Business Intelligence. The BI Cost Estimation Template provides estimation in euros  but should work for any country, just remember to change the number of team members accordingly. Offshore team cost is considered 25% Germany team cost. Notes within the excel lists all the assumptions.

Business Intelligence Cost Estimation Template 

The BI Cost Estimation template can be downloaded from Business Intelligence Cost Estimation Template. Change the values as you consider appropriate to come up with your estimation for BI. 

Screenshot of estimation for a sample BI project with 10 team members (7 member development team, 3 member support team, out of 10 members 7 are at offshore, 1 is external and 2 local) with commercial (C) ETL tool and free DB and reporting tool is given below.

How much does business intelligence cost?

I hope this brings in some clarity and as mentioned above gives a rough idea about BI costs. Let me know if I have missed some costs I will add it to the excel.


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