Business Intelligence Demystified published and is now available

Finally after almost two years of starting the work of writing the book, Business Intelligence Demystified, it's published and available in Amazon and BPB websites. I very much underestimated the work that it involved. I have invested over 800 hours in writing this book, and don't forget the hours and effort spent by all of the reviewers and the publishing team. While I have based this book mostly on own experience of last 15 years in BI projects, where required, I have done quite a bit of research too. Therefore I am sure quite a lot of people will find it useful for starting/restarting their BI journeys irrespective of the current role/profession and also for clarifying all of their doubts about BI. 

For whom is this? Simply put, if you want to know BI, you could read this book. If you think you know BI, you should read this book. If you don’t know whether you know BI or not, you must read this book. Irrespective of where you are at your career, or which stage your business is in, you will at the least get some ideas from this book that can improve your career or business. 

As of now it's available in most Amazon sites such as,, and in BPB sites such as and  

Thanks to BPB Publications, all the reviewers, family, friends, colleagues, employers, etc., in making this possible. 


  1. Links:

  2. eBook is also available on Google play.

  3. Available now on book depository too


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