Datainformability - Latest entry into NFR

improve data quality by focusing on datainformability

Datainformability - The ease with which information can be derived from data should go into the list of important non-functional requirements (NFR) along with other NFRs' like availability, maintainability, security, etc. Goal should be to reduce the time taken to derive information from data to the minimum possible, of course conforming to all functional and other NFRs, while designing any application.
Data is an important asset because we can derive information from it. So datainformability should be given its due importance i.e., every application should store data in a way that it is easy to derive information, instead of passing the responsibility to downstream applications.
Some of the points (non-exhaustive) to be considered are
  1. Are we storing data including metadata?
  2. Storing enough and correct data?
  3. Is it easy to extract data?
  4. Easy to detect changes and extract only incremental data?
  5. Easy to analyze data?
  6. Are we standardizing data within the application before it is stored or at least after it is stored but before it is consumed by downstream applications?
  7. Have we ensured data standardization across maximum possible applications within the enterprise?
Prevention is better than cure! Data professionals, any thoughts to add?


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