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In case anyone is looking for an idea for new year's resolution, I would like to suggest IBI (Individual Business Intelligence). You probably have tried to know yourself socially, religiously, spiritually, etc., and probably failed. Give a try to know yourself better factually with IBI. 

For the past 313 days I have spent around 5 to 7 minutes every single day to capture data (quantitative and qualitative) about me, range of data points (dreams, ideas, movie time, work hours, family time, health, etc.) that I think are important to me.  Have I made lot of money with this? No, in fact I make 40% less money than I used to make after I switched to part-time work.  If money is the only thing that drives you, this won't make much sense. 

I have this feeling that everything is connected but we don't see the connections, the deeper we go, the more connections we will see.  I don't want to bore you with my personal data, but at the same time I want to create awareness and show the possibilities that arises when we capture our own data. I wish I knew something like this when I was in school, by now I would have around 20 years of data about me.

9 minutes video :

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