IBI webinar invite

Posted in Linkedin ( Sep 2017) as part of the invite for the IBI webinar.

Based on the current trend in #data accumulation and usage of data, it looks like the day is not far when

1) There will be state and central ministers for data like we have ministers for coal, petroleum etc.  Data is an important asset not just for commercial businesses but  for a nation too. Does any country already have this (not talking about statistics department)?

2) Companies  will be taxed based on the amount of data accumulated. And companies will add data in the assets column in the balance sheet. Any company already adds data as an asset in the balance sheet?

3) Rich kid or poor kid is determined by the amount of high quality data the kid inherits from his/her parents.

4) Self-reflection is done with consciously captured own data.

For the first 2 points I have nothing more to add at the moment. If you are interested in the 3rd and 4th point then join my public webinar on "Individual Business Intelligence (IBI) - Discover yourself factually" .IBI in short is about self-reflection with consciously captured own data. It is about you accumulating data about yourself and you making use of the self-accumulated and inherited accumulated data for your improvement. People from all walks of life are welcome.


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