Results of Data Analysis after 1 Year of IBI

It's 1 year now (exactly 370 days) that I started using Individual Business Intelligence (IBI), I started it on 19th February 2017. I wanted a memorable day to start capturing data after publishing the article about IBI on 5th February 2017. As my mom's birthday is on 19th Feb I decided to start capturing data about myself from 19th Feb 2017 onwards. 

Today I have analyzed the data that I have captured about myself for dates starting from 19th Feb 2017 till yesterday (24th Feb 2018), and below are the glimpses of the results. My journey from "not knowing" to "Knowing" has started. 

My only intention to publish this information is to create awareness about the possibilities that open up when we capture our own data. I would like people to capture their own data for their  own benefit. 

This year has been one of its kind. No, I haven't achieved anything, no success stories to brag on, but I have put my effort in a way I have never ever done in the past. I will share some of the tasks (not accomplishments) that I have done  in this year and important shareable events that has happened this year at the end of this article. 

I am happy to conduct a public webinar for free if you are interested or talk at organizations about this concept and best practices to follow. In the next few days I will publish the updated IBI template that includes these charts too along with data capture sheet. 

So as you can calculate from above, my Happiness % now is 75% , my target is to take it to 100% (hopefully some year I will reach that target).

Some of the tasks completed and events that has happened between 19th Feb 2017 and 24th Feb 2018 are listed below.
  • Started following IBI. 
  • Bought our first car in Germany.
  • Drove over 800 KM in a single day.
  • KABI Session to team and others at Wirecard.
  • Envisioned Public Data Warehouse and published an article about it.
  • Did a presentation with over 40 slides in 10 minutes which was thought not possible. 
  • Started work on Public Data Warehouse project.
  • Launched
  • Founded PublicBI UG in Munich.
  • Managed to run B2Run corporate run without any preparations.
  • Started working part-time as Principal Data Analyst.
  • Launched PublicBI Website.
  • Founded Reportpedia Pvt Ltd in Bengaluru.
  • Conducted couple of live webinars on IBI.
  • Published several articles including "Why Big data is actually Small", "BI Jobs in Germany - Tips and Template" among others
  • Completed data science bootcamp.
  • Launched website.
  • Completed Startup Learning India program.
  • Submitted poem "Combat Corruption, Battle Black Money" for a contest. 
  • Launched Best Report contest.
  • Designed and Launched PublicBI ORBIT program.
  • Started personal blog -
  • Did programming after a long time (used R).
  • Envisioned Global Human Language - SIMPLSH and setup website for collaboration (
  • Envisioned PublicBI BIKON (International Business Intelligence Conference, first of it kind)
Does it mean too much time spent on professional front and failure on family aspect?

No,  not at all. It's wrong to assume that people who work hard on the professional side are a failure on the family aspect. Luckily I have been blessed with a family for whom my presence and time with them is sufficient. Lot of interesting events have happened on the personal front too, however this would not be the right place to share. 


  1. The new templates are published, please find it here


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