Companies, political parties and others are misusing your data. Have you thought about using your own data?

Most of us, especially those in BI and related professions always knew that companies are using our data. And now it's all over the news about how companies, even political parties are misusing our data. What does this mean? It's very evident that your personal data has lot of value and that's why companies and others are trying their best to get their hands on it, sometimes even without your active consent. On one side, they are able to see value in your data. They are using your personal data for their benefit. And on the other side, most of us as individuals are not even able to see the value in our own data, our individual data. We think data is an asset only for companies and not for individuals, and so we don't even attempt to capture our own data, mostly because of lack of awareness about the possibilities and lack of know-how of data capturing and data analysis. 

To create awareness about the possibilities, I will be conducting a free public webinar about Individual Business Intelligence (IBI). Simply put, IBI is about you capturing your data for your benefit.

Agenda for the webinar
  • Introduction to Business Intelligence. 
  • Introduction to IndividualBI (IBI) and benefits.
  • How to efficiently capture data in google sheet/excel?  
  • How to analyze captured data including creation of charts? 
  • IBI best practices. 
  • Interesting findings from 1+ year of own data collection and analysis. For example - my cumulative happiness % is 73%. 
  • Q&A ( any questions from “what is big data?” to “why do we live?”, if I know I will answer, if I don’t know I will find out).

Prerequisites :
  • Open mind

Registration :

Click here to register for the webinar.

All are welcome. I guess children above 13 years of age and who are already using computers may also attend. Imagine if a child starts collecting his/her own data from age of 13, by the time he/she is of 33 years of age, will have 20 years of own data. I think, the earlier we start, the better. 

Spread the message among your friends, family, community, colleagues, etc. 


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