PublicBI BIKON (International Business Intelligence Conference) on 3rd May, 2018 - Agenda

  • 7 speakers from 7 cities in 5 time zones and 3 continents.
  • 8 talks * 2 rounds.
  • 4 "Ask any BI questions" breaktime sessions.
  • 25+ international cities from where people have registered as participants. Registrations from Melbourne to Los Angeles. 
  • 30+ job titles. Including Developers, Consultants, and CXOs. 
  • 20 hours for the start of first ever PublicBI BIKON (International Business Intelligence Conference) event. 
PublicBI BIKON is BI conference that covers all time zones in a single day. 
Think of PublicBI BIKON as the Car Show for Business Intelligence! We have got some test drive offers too!

And the most important part is, It's FREE! No travel, and No payment required! 

Sounds interesting? Register at . Participant link will be sent to the registered participants shortly.


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