500 Days of IBI

For all those people who are following my blog, especially on the IBI topic, I am happy to announce that I have now completed 500 days of data capture. For all posts related to IBI see IBI posts. Just by being disciplined enough to capture the data for 500 days and the fact the I managed to do it and still continue doing it, there is some sense of achievement even though nothing is achieved. 

So today I spent some time in data analysis, reflected upon the days that went by using data. Went through the details of the mistakes that I have made, the days I was not happy, etc., to understand if there is a recurring pattern and to tell myself that I shouldn't repeat those. I also made some changes to the data capture template and included new charts too. 

I have now added a "Year" column in the data capture template because now I have data for more than a year.  With this addition there is possibility to compare same months across years and also to compare year on year. To analyze the data w.r.t zodiac signs I have extended the columns that capture zodiac signs as zodiac signs can start in one year and end in the next year. I have added prefixes, for example Y1Z1 (stands for Year 1, Zodiac sign 1) to have the possibility to see the trend based on zodiac signs. The chart now looks like this (provided below).

New chart with Zodiac signs  

Is zodiac sign relevant at all? Does it make any difference to us? Can we gain anything by analyzing this aspect? Honestly, I don't know. So, like everything else, I will explore this one too factually with more and more data in the coming years. Let's see what comes out. Will keep you posted for any interesting findings. 


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