At least 3 people have started IBI this year

Very happy to know that at least 3 people, whom I know (and have informed me), have started with IBI  (Individual Business Intelligence) from 1st Jan 2020. One is a close friend and ex-Wirecard who has started with 20+ data points, another is a colleague who would like to capture data and do predictive analytics using his data and check if his predictions comes true, and the 3rd one is my 6 year old son with his mama's help who has started capturing various data points including how many times he cried in a day, how many times he fought, how much time he spent learning something, etc. All the best wishes to 3 of them. I am sure more people will realize the benefits of IBI. 

To create awareness about IBI I plan to introduce IBI in different languages that I speak. I have started the series with one introductory video in Kannada language. Please find it below, and please share it with friends and family who speak Kannada. Goal is to create as much awareness, including those, who themselves may not use it but could have people in their circle to whom they can pass it on. This idea was based on my mom telling me that she couldn't share what I sent to her in English to her friends as she doesn't understand English  that well and some of her friends also don't understand English that well but her friends have children who use English. 


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