A $100 Million Company without BI?

Do you know of a company in this generation, from any part of the world, that has annual revenue of 100+ million US dollars and growing and doesn't use business intelligence / business analytics / data science at all? If yes, please do let me know. I have a few questions that I would like to ask as part of a research. To be very clear, I am looking for an active company that fulfills below criteria :
  • Yearly revenue of 100+ million US dollars
  • Doesn't have BI / Analytics / Data science teams
  • Doesn't have data warehouses, data lakes, data marts, etc
  • Doesn't use any SaaS or other cloud variants of BI / Analytics solutions
  • Doesn't use any app analytics, web analytics, etc, basically doesn't use data for analytical purposes at all. 
Are there companies that doesn't use Business Intelligence or data analytics?


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