Best affordable business intelligence software in 2020?

Best affordable business intelligence software in 2020? This was one of the questions asked. 

Answer : If you are referring to BI software in the narrow sense limited to front-end tools like Microstrategy, Tableau, Power BI etc instead of referring to BI in the correct broader sense as an umbrella term for the end to end process of deriving information and insights from data.

In any case the answer depends on the specific requirements and current situation (current set of tools / software, strategy, etc) of the business.

In my view it is not right to state that one tool is best for all purposes and situations. We should pick up the tools based on the needs and the situations. For example, if the company has invested a lot in Oracle products and if Oracle provides additional software for BI free then why wouldn't you want to consider that as an option? Same with Microsoft, let's say some department already has purchased license for MS SQL, SSIS, SSAS, SSRS, MS Excel, Power BI, SharePoint, etc and now some other department needs a BI solution, why not reuse the license if there is a possibility. 

Pick the right tool for the job. 

Best affordable BI software


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