How do I as a data subject benefit from GDPR?

How do I as a data subject benefit from GDPR?

GDPR provides several rights to data subjects

  • Right to personal data protection
  • Right to know or obtain confirmation of personal data processed
  • Right to access personal data processed
  • Right to receive personal data
  • Right to data rectification
  • Right to erasure (Right to be forgotten)
  • Right to object to fully automated decision-making / Right to obtain human intervention
  • Right to object further processing
  • Right to data portability / Right to transmit data from one controller to another
  • Right to lodge a complaint with a supervisory authority
  • Right to effective judicial remedy

We now have the rights to know
  • Who / Which companies are processing our personal data?
  • What purposes are they processing it for?
  • To whom / which company is our personal data shared?
  • Are there any automated decision-making involved? Where possible, to know the details of the logic involved in the automated decision-making that concerns us. 
  • How long will they store our personal data?
  • How can we get a copy of the data?
  • How can we transfer our data to another organization?
  • Whom should we contact?
  • + more rights

So, is GDPR all about providing more rights to data subjects and making it difficult for companies to run business?

No. Companies too can benefit from GDPR, especially the smaller ones. See my next post.

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Disclaimer: I am not a legal expert nor a certified GDPR consultant (not sure if there is one certification yet). I am a data enthusiast (and now GDPR enthusiast) and I like to envisage, conceptualize and design solutions for real problems. All posts related to GDPR are only to present my understanding and to start a good discussion with the audience. As every business is different please consult legal experts to understand obligations specific to your company. For official documentation check the official website - .


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