2 years of IBI

It's been over 2 years that I have started IBI. A small subset of the results is shared below (charts) with an intention to create awareness about IBI. One of my personal objectives for this year is to create awareness about IBI among high school and university students.  So if any of you have connections with academic world and would like me to present the IBI concept, tools, my experience and learning from it, I would be glad to present.

Almost everyone today, especially data professionals, preach that organizations should be data-driven, however, how many of the data professionals are themselves data-driven individuals? How many of us put in any effort in capturing and accumulating our own data in a way it can be used for self-discovery? Shouldn't we practice what we preach? We all agree that if we don't measure something, it can't be improved. Why don't we measure ourselves? Don't we want to improve?

On 19th Feb 2019 I completed 2 years of capturing and accumulating data and now I am already into the 3rd year of capturing and accumulating data. I actually wanted to carry out data analysis on the weekend immediately after 19th Feb 2019 however I couldn't manage to prioritize the data analysis activity till today. So today as I carry out data analysis I have more than 2 years of own data, starting from 19th Feb 2017 to 30th March 2019 (yesterday).  In the charts below "till date" means till 30th March 2019.  As mentioned above only a subset of the result is presented, there are lot more data points that I capture, for example travel, work hours, movies, types of dreams, etc.


Individual Business Intelligence

Interesting to note that all 3 years starting from 2017 till 2019 I have fallen sick and taken a sick leave between 20th March and 30th March. 

As part of the analysis I have also now created the month based charts to see if there is a particular month that I should be extra careful, and also created year-on-year charts to compare across multiple IBI years. There is so much to learn and know from the charts for me. 

  • Tuesdays continues to be the day where I see most dreams and sleep most number of hours. 
  • March is the month I see most number of dreams, based on above there is a 50% chance of seeing a dream everyday in March. 
  • The number of dreams seen in IBI year 2 is more than IBI year 1.
  • There is a gradual increase in body weight over the years.
Individual Business Intelligence

  • Tuesdays continues to be the day where I get most ideas or visions or thoughts. 
  • Maximum number of ideas or visions or thoughts are on Sundays.
  • I am missing meditation on Sundays.
  • January has the highest average for number of ideas and April has the least.
  • In November, I have meditated only 75% of the days. 
  • Year on year there is a steady increase in average number of ideas. 
  • Most happy on Saturdays and least on Thursdays.
  • Most number of days in which I have learnt something new in a month is in December and least is in March.
  • April is when most mistakes happened. Need to watch out this April :-). 

Because the data is captured at daily granularity, I have the possibility to visualize at various levels of time dimension like day, week, month, quarter, year, even based on zodiac signs or moon phases is possible. A monthly trend chart is provided below

Individual Business Intelligence

Hope these charts gives you enough motivation to start your journey with IBI and knowing yourself much better than you thought was possible. For all posts on IBI see - IBI. With IBI, it is also quite easy to pull out each of the important events and achievements.

Events and Achievements - IBI year 2

Some of the events and achievements of IBI year 2 that can be shared publicly is listed below.  Note - IBI Year 2 is from 19th Feb 2018 till 18th Feb 2019 because IBI year 1 was from 19th Feb 2017 to 18th Feb 2018.

  • Won first quiz on the Wirecard intranet (Wirenet).
  • Launched PublicBI BIKON format, logo, pages, gathered speakers, sponsors, etc., and successfully organized BIKON.
  • 2 sessions of IBI conducted voluntarily at Wirecard, open to all Munich employees.
  • 1 additional session of IBI conducted for a VP and Heads of a department based on request.
  • 1 webinar session on IBI conducted voluntarily for general public.
  • At least 4 people informed me that they have now started IBI.
  • First revenue generated for PublicBI.
  • Introduction to KABI methodology was published in Spanish by Carlos. 
  • Envisioned and launched EBIT (Essentials of Business Intelligence Training) program.
  • Completed 12 years in BI.
  • Back to full-time position at Wirecard.
  • Selected as one of the finalist in the EUDatahon2018 representing PublicBI, this was the turning point that brought my focus back to what I had started PublicBI for. 
  • Created and shared a Data Puzzle at Wirecard.
  • Invited to be part of a podcast on BI by tech podcast maker Rishabh.
  • Comment from one of my ex-managers at Wirecard that I am probably the best in the organization in documentation.
  • Submitted 7 business ideas in the Innovation Challenge at Wirecard. 1 of the 7 ideas made it to the top 25, formed a good team and submitted it to the next round. 
  • Built the PublicBI cloud-based BI solution, together with my wife, for EU public procurement and won 2nd prize at EUDatahon2018 at Brussels and won hearts of many. Also it was the first business trip associated with PublicBI. Learnt the way of working (10 pm to 12) on weekdays with additional hours on weekends with continuing improvement in productivity.
  • Invited by European Commission to the Digital Transformation in Public Procurement Conference, Lisbon to briefly present and receive award in the presence of several distinguished guests. Also lucky to get a chance to discuss and learn from Flemming (1st prize winner at EUDatathon2018) at Lisbon.
  • Invited by the European Commission to the Economic and Statistics Working Group meeting (from all EU member states), Brussels to present the EU Datathon2018 2nd prize winning PublicBI solution.  
  • Interest from Austrian company involved in Public Procurement.
  • First direct message from a HR to head a global BI department in a company based in Munich.
  • Times of India published about us (wife and myself) winning 2nd prize at EUDatathon2018. 
  • Impromptu speech at NHCE, Bengaluru based on request by Principal
  • Invited by the Publication Office of the European Union to present the EU Datathon2018 2nd prize winning PublicBI solution. I was informed that the presentation was the best till date. 
  • Promoted to Head of a department in the newly formed Data Services Division at Wirecard
  • Started Midday meditation initiative at Wirecard
  • My boss said he is my 3rd fan (after my wife and kid) :-), felt really nice.
  • Wrote poem to my wife for my 7th anniversary of wedding in Agile style.
  • PublicBI Euproc published in the app section in EU Open Data Portal 
  • "You are a hiring machine" comment by a colleague and my boss on ramping up the PM and BA teams so quickly at Wirecard


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