Big data developer or BI developer

Question: Which one adds more value and has more pay? 

Answer: Firstly, big data is a buzzword. There is data, and there are processes to derive information and insights from data. Business Intelligence is the concept/process of deriving information and insight from data to enable fact-based decision making to improve a business. So if you see it from that context, BI is an umbrella term and therefore all activities that are to do with deriving information and insights from data falls under BI. However, currently because of the hype almost every organization wants to showcase that they are also making use of big data, truth is, some of these companies have not even made use of basics (“easily available data”). I know at least two companies in Europe (Germany) where people were hired as big data developer but there was nothing for them to do there as there was no big data tech stack yet.

So the answer to your question depends on which organization and what stage of data journey that organization is in. In any case everything that is hand coded today will most likely be automated tomorrow, i.e. just like we use ETL tools to design ETL flows instead of writing code, soon most of the coding work done by the current big data developers will also move in the same direction, i.e. to design the flows required without coding. And in general the pay is more or less the same, maybe a bit higher on the so-called big data because of the current demand. 


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