Which BI tool should I learn?

Many BI aspirants have these questions "Which BI tool/s should I learn?" , "Learning which BI tools will improve my chances of getting a job sooner?", etc. When such questions are asked in online Q&A forums, most of the answers are biased for one or the other reasons. Therefore, I would like to provide  a way using which you can figure out the answer on your own based on facts.  

A random set of of BI tools - not comprehensive
  • Search for current BI job openings either in sites such as LinkedIn, XING, job portals or directly on the website of various companies. 
  • Go through the job specification in detail and exclude those job specs that do not have specific tool requirements. Also exclude those job ads by agencies. Focus on those BI job specs that are directly from the companies that wants to hire for their own needs rather than for their clients. 
  • If you have constraints such as location, industry (domain), or role constraint, then search BI job openings applying those relevant filters. 
  • After going through around 50+ BI job openings, you may notice that there are some tools that are used more and some that are not so common.  
  • Now, you should have an idea which tool/s you should learn and which tool can improve your chances of getting a job sooner. 
Having given you an idea on how to get the answer on your own, let me also add and clarify that, in BI if you are experienced in one tool there are all chances that you can be recruited for a job that not necessarily uses the same tool but any other tool in the same category. Therefore, the point is, learning any of the BI tools is useful, it will help you at some point in your career. 

In 2017, I had carried out an analysis about BI jobs based on the live BI job openings at that point in time and had published the result . Please find it here in reportpedia.com.  


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