Value of data

Value of data

On 15th of November, 2019 I completed 1000 days of Individual Business Intelligence (Individual BI or IBI). 

Everybody says data is an asset. I say, the data I have about myself is priceless. But, I was just wondering  if I were to estimate the price of the data I have collected over last 1000+ days, how much would it be worth?

I have 104 data points (ideas, mistakes, dreams, health, work, happy days, etc.) captured for over 1000 days. Let's consider 1 EUR per data point. 

So 104000 EUR

Time spent in filling IBI data capture sheet everyday until now (1014 days) = 110.8 hours

So around 11000 EUR (assuming 100 EUR per hour)

Time spent in analyzing data until now (1014) = 76.5 hours

So around 7600 EUR 

So in total it is minimum worth 104K+ 11K+ 7.6K = 122600 EUR

Would I sell my data? I don't think so. Would I share my data for a good cause? May be some of it. 

I think if data is an asset, then we should also put a value to it. 

What do you think? 


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