Before and Beyond Data Visualization

Presenting at EU DataViz 2019, Luxembourg on 12th November was such an honour. Thanks to the Publication Office of the European Union for the opportunity. It was a great experience both in listening to other inspiring speakers and also to present the topic of "Before and beyond data visualization".

In my talk, I used two examples; Individual Business Intelligence (Individual BI or IBI) and PublicBI EUProc solutions to talk about before and beyond data visualization sections respectively.

It was interesting to note that there were many people who were interested in the IBI example than I had expected, and some also had questions about data security. If any organizations (companies, colleges, etc,) would like me to present the topic of Individual BI at their premises I will be more than happy to do that. 

My slides are attached below, if there are problems with the pages below, use this link -

And here is the link to the EU DataViz 2019 site -


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