1000 days of Individual BI

For those who have been following my IBI (Individual Business Intelligence or Individual BI) journey I am very happy to announce that I have completed more than 1000 days of data capture. On 15th November, 2019 I completed 1000 days. I had started capturing data from 19th Feb 2017.

Based on the analysis of own data I have found some interesting patterns, learnt a lot about myself, stopped myself from doing the same mistakes again, noticed changes in patterns, etc. The benefits that I get from Individual BI are way too many. And therefore I will definitely continue IBI as long as I am able to do it. I will be happy to conduct a session based on demand. Let me know.

Some of the charts are provided below to give you an idea of the possibilities with own data captured in a structured way consciously.

Gaps in the above chart are because there was no weighing scale on those days or weight was not measured on those days. 


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