BI can take you to places

Using BI team only as a data extract team is similar to using a car headlamp to light a room. 

BI can do a lot more, business intelligence
You are in a dark room in the ground floor, somebody starts a car outside the room and the light from headlamp of the car enters your room through the glass windows. You can now see some of the things in your room. You now order (you have authority unfortunately) the driver to keep the car on with headlamp on. Driver tries his best to convince you to please get a bulb soon for your room so that he can take the car to go places, but you don't understand, because you have never seen a car and don't know that it can move. 

This is how some of the uninformed business users and uninformed non-BI technical people view BI teams. They think BI team has the expertise in moving data so let us use them for moving data. No, BI teams move data to consolidate, to combine, to integrate data, to harmonize, etc., so that users can get full picture of the business based on the information and insights derived based on data. Of course they move data between systems (light the room) but that's the not main purpose of the team. I don't mean to say that lighting the room is not important, it is very much important, but it should be handled by a normal bulb and not by car headlamp. Car can go places. If you use BI correctly it can take you to places. 

A report I created for a fleet management company in the UK by clashing two sets of data (live vehicles vs invoiced vehicles) found that there was revenue leakage of 25K GBP every month for the last 6 months. Later it was found that it was because of a bug introduced in the interim billing system. This is a simplified example of what BI can do. Use BI to go places. 


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