New Year Resolution - Starting with IBI?

A few people who have attended my presentations this year and became aware of the concept of IBI  (Individual Business Intelligence) and a few people with whom I have been in contact this year have shared their interest to start with IBI starting from 2019 or have already started. It feels nice to get feedback like below.

 "I attended your presentation at the publication office. I just read your article on IBI and I love your idea."  -  Message in LinkedIn by a senior professional who attended my presentation of PublicBI BI solution for EU Public Procurement at the Publication Office of the European Union, Luxembourg.

This is really great that people have started it or plan to start.  I wish you all the best. For those who are still not sure what IBI is and how to use it, below links should be useful. Basically in this post I am placing all the important IBI links in one post in a sequence so it is easy for people to find and understand.  

Short (9 minutes) presentation about IBI is given below

To start using IBI, you can download the templates from below links, 

Excel Template -  IBI Excel Template
Google Sheet Template -  IBI Google Sheet Template ( Please make a copy and edit your file)

How to easily capture data in the IBI Data capture sheet ? See the video below

How to carry out data analysis and visualizations? See the video below

Results of 1 year of IBI - see 1 year of IBI

First post about IBI - see First IBI post

For all posts related to IBI - see


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