BI in Human resources domain

Business Intelligence projects I have implemented in the past with HR data are
  • Learning management
  • Job application
  • Compliance
  • Work planning
Learning Management - Goal is to support managers to identify which trainings are relevant for his Team. Followup with team members if trainings are pending. Plan trainings well ahead so that employee has enough time to complete the training.

Job Application - Goal is to reduce turn around time between a new job application and selection/rejection state. Improve hiring to application ratio. Compare success ratios between hiring via different channels and identify best channel for similar job.

Compliance - Goal is to ensure employees are compliant w.r.t working hours, special compliance rules for minors, compliance check for minimum meal/breaks timings. Identify patterns and prevent compliance issues as these can cause lot of financial and non financial damage to the company.

Work Planning - Goal is to automatically find the right substitute based on several rules to do the job for the day during both planned and unplanned leave of an employee. Ensure that there is no impact to the customer/supplier.

Ideas for projects based on HR data given below
  • Seating capacity utilization
  • Sentiment analysis
  • Best fit project/work allocation


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