Business Intelligence challenges

These are the list of challenges faced by BI Teams. Not a comprehensive list, but just the points that are right off the top of my head

  • Data quality issues.
  • Lack of source applications/systems knowledge.
  • Lack of executive sponsorship and continuous support.
  • People at the top not having longer term vision.
  • BI Tools selection.
  • Source system changes without/late communication to BI Teams
  • Lack of funding to BI Teams compared to core development teams.
  • Silos of BI Teams
  • First deliverable (ex - Report) takes time as the foundation (Data Warehouse) is built.
  • Inter department politics
  • Lack of skilled team members
  • Data governance / ownership issues / masterdata management issues
  • Lack of Business understanding
  • Not giving importance to Datainformability


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