Use of Certified Business Intelligence Professional (CBIP) certfication from TDWI

Based on own experience I consider CBIP highly valuable. We can use it to our advantage depending on our situation. There are several uses, some uses are listed below, hope this helps
  • As part of the day to day BI/DWH work we gradually forget the theory part, i.e We know why we do something in a specific way but we may forget the terminologies. When we take up CBIP and prepare seriously for it, it adds BI vocabulary and refreshes the theory and conceptual part. It then makes it easy for us to explain to others why we do certain things certain way with proper terminologies.
  • If you are the only BI professional in an organization/department, others who probably don’t know BI can easily trust you if you have a certification from a reputed institute. CBIP is from a reputed institute (TDWI) and this makes it easy for you to tell others in the organization/department to trust you on your BI skills as you are a CBIP.
  • If there are several BI professionals in the org/department, CBIP certification provides a competitive edge.
  • If the whole team gets CBIP certified then the team members are on the same page when discussing any BI concepts. Helps in reducing conflicts.
  • CBIP trainers from TDWI provide unbiased explanations during the exam preparatory course about all of the BI topics, This helps to correct any wrong understanding we may have till that point.
  • As CBIP is not tool specific or any other BI software vendor specific it is useful for any BI professional.
  • Finally, registering for a certification also gives the motivation to prepare and learn more.


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