Extracting meaningful information from social media

Here is a real example of how an e-commerce company that sells furnitures makes use of social media data.

  • Creates a Facebook page, gets followers, comes up with ads, pays Facebook to promote the ads and display the ads to potential customers. 
  • Facebook provides data about how many of them viewed, liked, commented, shared and non-personal summarized demographic data to the furniture company through API’s. 
  • Furniture company has automated jobs that access these API’s to collect data. 
  • Then the story is the same, data is collected, arranged in a way it is suitable for reporting and analysis purposes and interesting trends and patterns are found by the data analysts and product owners, etc. 
  • Company finds out how many (%) of those viewed, liked, commented and shared actually converted to a customer. 
  • Based on learning, the next ad is created to target a specific group etc. 
  • Goal is to increase sales. 
  • Comments are also used for sentiment analysis for example to classify as positive, negative or neutral sentiment.


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