PublicBI ORBIT - On the project Role-based Business Intelligence Training program

I have some good news for those finding it difficult to get into Business Intelligence field.

A lot of people want to work in BI or learn BI, but unfortunately there aren't enough opportunities. If you can get into a BI Team in any company, in any role, where you can learn from seniors in the team, that would be the best way to learn BI in my view.  For those, who don't have that opportunity,  I have come up with two options (1 free and 1 paid).

Introducing PublicBI ORBIT. First of its kind BI training program, based on Public Data Warehouse project. ORBIT is like a play ground, where you play the game of BI in whichever role you want, experienced gamers teach you the rules of the game and guide you with the best practices. As you play the game in virtual teams, you experience the true meaning of team spirit, deal with communication, co-ordination challenges and much more.  Please see PublicBI ORBIT for more details.

For free BI learning see

 I have personally designed PublicBI ORBIT connecting 2 points:

1) Vision of building  public data warehouse
2) Providing low-cost high quality BI training


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